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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Can’t believe we pissed away another two points when it looked like we were going to walk away with solid finish to the trip. Penalties cost us late. Petey and Miller were great. The rest of the team needs to step it up a notch. We can’t continue to drop crucial points. Need to rebound. GCG!

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I remember when I said that our playoff hopes are over now that Marky is gone. I felt a little crappy and I hoped I was 

wrong. I never could have imagined this level of collapse. Utter failure on every level. Please god dont make the playoffs

we need 3 more years min before we can seriously challenge. Literally zero positives from the road trip. 3 losses and 3 

huge monumental steps back. 

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Just now, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

After this road trip I was feeling very certain about this team.  


Now I don't have a whole lot of faith in the players, coaches, or management.  I said it in the GDT and now I'll say it here, this was a must win.  This loss may have just costed the team a playoff birth.


On the positive side we do get to keep our first round pick for this draft.  Maybe that’s the silver lining here.  Plus we will hire an experienced coach, who will demand his players play hard on and off pucks for him, or they will not play.  

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Just now, CanucksCountry said:

Coaching staff can go, "vets" that take dumb penalties (Sutter, Roussel) can go so sick and tired of collapsing Benning must have figured out by now there is something wrong  

It’s the coaching staff told them to hold back and protect the lead doesn’t work, need that killer instinct like the late ‘90’s Detroit teams had 

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