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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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2 minutes ago, 250Integra said:

Two lazy ass penalties by “veterans” in the 3rd. 

It would be disappointing to hear the excuse of "we're a young team that's still learning" when two 30 year old vets blew it in a crucial part of the game. 

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Just now, 250Integra said:

What a pointless fight by MacEwan. There was absolutely no need for that.

Mac was thinking about himself ( trying to solidfy a spot ). versus thinking what was best for the club......

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2 minutes ago, FijianCanuck said:

Have no words. No reason we should lose to the jackets who are missing sereval key players and barely win games lately.

First off, no god damn reason when should’ve lost to Ottawa and in my opinion toronto who’s number 1 and 2 defencemen Are number 5 and 6 on any other damn team!  

this team only has urgency in the final 5-10 minutes in the 3rd.   F$?! Everyone on that team!!!

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I'm with some of the other people on here, I'm gonna take a break from watching games.


I'll just follow the stat line, I just don't feel like wasting my time on a team that looks disinterested and only plays 40 minutes a night.


3 absolutely embarrassing losses in a row. I don't typically advocate for people to lose their jobs but Green isn't getting it done and should be replaced this off season.

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