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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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2 minutes ago, canuckfromlangley said:

Refs and game management. 

Can’t blame refs on this one, they let a lot of stuffs go and didn’t call the penalties until they have to. Blame the PK, Columbus had the 26th rank PP yet they go 2 for 2

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Just now, Trebreh said:

ONCE again Green's 'vets' let us down. 


playoffs or not, he needs to be fired by the end of the season!!!







We should have replaced Green with Babcock six weeks ago.  Now it is too late.  Green is our coach till the end of this season.  

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So who are we going to blame for the 2nd goal now that started this whole $hitshow?  Loui the scapegoat wasn't on Bo's line tonight.  

Edler was playing at half speed in the 3rd period.  He had an easy race to win for the puck on their powerplay and was stuck in mud.  They scored 15 seconds later.  

Oh well, on to the next one.  At least we're playing meaningful games in March. 

1st line looked great today.  2nd line looked great too until the 3rd period. Motte and Myers were excellent as well. Domingue had a good performance.  Those are all my silver linings. 

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1 minute ago, Kanukfanatic said:

I am pissed off I have tickets for the Wednesday game and Friday game at this moment.


What a bunch of chokers.

I may actually look at prices, haven't been to a game in about 10 years,  but maybe there will be some deals...

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