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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets | Mar. 01, 2020

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Bo's line was struggling with JV there. They can't read off each other. Saw JV out of place so many times in there. 

Gaud's line was a liability whenever they were on the ice. 

Big Mac will be a good player. But maybe 4th line role is sufficient for him at the moment.


Toffoli looks frustrated in that line. 

He's not getting enough passes. 


Bad loss. This one stings. 

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Just now, Canuckfanforlife82 said:

Without our allstar goalie. This is just showing what warts he covered up. They were just as bad with Markstrom. This defense isn't good enough and how many chances will Benning get?

Benning has supplied us with the roster but our coach isn't getting the most of out of it.

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1 minute ago, Alflives said:

We should have replaced Green with Babcock six weeks ago.  Now it is too late.  Green is our coach till the end of this season.  

Babcock is an idiot. This has been debated to death around here. The guy is nowhere near as good as his salary suggests. I don't think he should be within 50 feet of bench .

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1 minute ago, hockeyville88 said:

What a BS penalty by Sutter. 200 feet from his own net :picard:

1 on 3 trying to bring it in alone. Being a hero. That was a momentum killer. Just blew it there.

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Just now, bree2 said:

your  blaming the loss  on MacEwan  come on, this loss is on Sutter and Rousell but especially I have to say Green, has he ever heard of shortening his bench. the guys played good until that happened


He did shorten the bench. Hughes only shift in the last 10 minutes of that game was when the Canucks were down 4-3. 

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