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[GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes - Wednesday March 4th 2020 at 7:30 PST - "Please don't lose again" Edition

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5 hours ago, IBatch said:

Staged fighting?  I think you've watched a lot less hockey then I have.  This was about McEwen trying to stay relevant - I'm sorry you and anyone else can't see that.  I'm stoked we have at least one player on our team willing to fight to make it.  Can't believe I even have to explain this to anyone.   Way too critical.  That wasn't "staged fighting".   That goes to the last class of enforcers which McEwen is definitely NOT, and has been out of the game for years now. 

Agree to disagree.  McEwen would "stay relevant" in Green's eyes more by laying out punishing hits, and occasionally helping out on offence. 

I'm stoked too if we have a player coming up that can fight. But  no, he doesn't have to prove himself with a staged fight. Fights where the combatants pat each other on the back after, and they both can put a check mark beside themselves for the night. The fights I want McEwen to have for us are the one where he and his opponent have to be pried apart, both still chirping at each other in the box, one mad about a some cheap shot on their team mate or even after a clean hard hit.

A little nod to each other to start some fake aggression is useless. Its not a bad thing, its just unnecessary. I guess its mildly entertaining, a break from the game. But an effective fighter picks his battles.

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