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NHL projects $84M-$88M salary cap for next season

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I guess Benning must have already known this when he said we won't have any cap issues moving forward.  And he probably already knows Loui will retire.  If that is the case that gives us $10 million+ in new cap space.  More than enough to re-sign Marky and Toffoli. 


I still think we will walk away from Tanev and try to get a guy like Joel Edmundson in free agency to add some truculence to our back end along with Tryamkin.  Stecher is 50/50.  We have Rafferty waiting in the wings, so I can see us trading both Demko and Stecher to get some draft picks back.

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10 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

Must you construe everything as an opportunity to attack Benning?

Yeah....well..... ummmmm.... maybe...he uh.... brought it on himself with those, you know, ummmm, foundational signings.:bigblush:


Besides it nice that guy is taking a break from attacking Green.

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they also talked about a higher cap for this season around this time last season

when it was finalized though

the bump was much much smaller then anyone expected

not sure why they are announcing this now

prior to discussions with the nhlpa


nhlpa is concerned how contract values were being ground down by escrow

and made it clear they were going to correct this problem

it was not fixed in 1 season

i'm going to be a bit less optimistic about the size of the bump then this release suggests

until the new cap value is in fact finalized

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Miller                Pettersson         Toffoli 7M

Pearson           Horvat                 Boeser

Virtanen 2.5M  Gaudette 1.5M     Lind

Motte 1.5M      Beagle                 MacEwen



Ferland  LTIR


Hughes                Tryamkin 2.5M

Edler                    Myers

Edmundson 4M   Rafferty



Markstrom 7M

UFA 1.5M


Spooner - 1M

Luongo - 3M

Baertschi - 2.2 in Utica


Total cap is $83M


There will be ELC bonuses that need to be paid to Petey and Quinn so we can try and move Baertschi to cover the difference.  Maybe add a pick as a sweetener.


Trade Demko and Stecher for draft picks.  Loui retires.  Tanev, Leivo and Fatenberg walk.  Cap goes up to $85M.


It's doable and works fine.  We get bigger and stronger on the back end and still retain our star goalie and both our snipers in Boeser and Toffoli.  Add Gallant as the new coach and that is easily a playoff team.  Plus there are several expiring contracts that can be replaced by our young prospects so we have the money in 2021 to sign Petey and Quinn.


I'm definitely not worried about our cap problem moving forward.  Not at all.



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