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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Colorado Avalanche | Mar. 6, 2020 7 PM PST | The Darkest Timeline Edition

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Templeton Peck

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1 minute ago, oldnews said:

I hate the skip the dishes abomination.


Rip off the restaurants.

Have a complete douche bag for an icon.


And tell people what they 'deserve'.

They don't know what people deserve.  Maybe they deserve to skip a meal.

No wonder people are entitled these days, lol.

Forced out a 20 year local business due to undercutting them by a couple bucks.  Hate these guys.

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2 minutes ago, luckylager said:

He's a hitman...


Not a good one if he's pulling life support plugs, get the first shot right then. Talk about a lack of professionalism. :bigblush:

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1 minute ago, Crabcakes said:

At the time, I felt that the Canucks of the era (west coast express) was peaking in 2004-05....the lock out season.

02-03 they were primed for a cup run. Damn Wild.

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5 minutes ago, StealthNuck said:

Sometimes they carry like a billion little spiders that scatter when you hit 'em. 

My son was looking after my daughter's place when she was away...she'd just moved in.  I had a cute little bistro table/chairs that I'd just bought and it was on my patio...she didn't have anything so I took it over to surprise her.


"SURPRISE!".  A million little spiders crawling up the walls.   Don't give someone something that's been out on your deck.   Ugh.

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