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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Colorado Avalanche | Mar. 6, 2020 7 PM PST | The Darkest Timeline Edition

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Just now, Warhippy said:

They should try gin, or Cuervo especial.  That has gained me entry more times than a drop pass sir

cool story.  but.


the point of the drop pass is to force penalty killers to retreat and give up gap - and when executed, it almost always results in relatively flat-footed defenders - and less ability to stand up the entry.


If it wasn't effecitve, it wouldn't be universally used with such frequency.


The facts / ie objective outcomes - are that it is effective.


People may not like the optcs of it - but it's unquestionably effective.   gazing at the odd failed execution doesn't change that.  every form of entry can and does have it's share of failures.

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Just now, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Not sure if we've achieved that before. Despite being on a losing streak, people seem to be more engaged.

its a good thing. Fair weather and all weather fans going at it. 

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5 minutes ago, panelguy said:

Show how important Marky is to this team.

Demko reminds me of Marky when he was his age . I fully expect Demko will bloom, just looks like it might be late, like Jacob. 

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