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[PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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11 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

He was alright vs the yotes.


He's been useless and a shadow of his former self for 90% of the year.


Doesn't PK and shouldn't PP. Could spend his cap hit on someone better.


Maybe if we make the playoffs and he steps up he could sway my opinion but a couple games doesn't do that for me.


I feel that way with a few players on this roster.

Wonder if playing on a line with a big body like Zack makes the difference? 

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4 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"Loved the game tonight. Big time win by our team and nice to see us get rewarded." - Green


"This is a guy that's just playing to win. It's nice to see. Zack's a little bit of a throwback. I like that about him. He's an old school player that wants to earn it... Appreciates the value of earning your stripes and he's had to do that. I got a soft spot for guys that are old school like that." - Green on MacEwen

Mac is an old-school guy but he has some skill offensively. Could turn into a less meaner Kassian.


We need more guys who are more than one dimensional in our bottom 6. Sutter/Eriksson are defensive guys only and to be effective in this league you have to be really good at one thing or bring a couple aspects fairly well.

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1 minute ago, Devron44 said:

They needed cap space and I bet they wanted to trade Johnson Or Palat. But JB wanted Miller, that’s why he had to pay. Funny people never say it that way at the time.


Either way thank you T Bay

I hate all the other teams, especially when we trade with them.  I want them to lose the trade.  Call me a fan.  

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Just now, spook007 said:

Wonder if playing on a line with a big body like Zack makes the difference? 



Players would bring a good physical presence consistently are called energy guys/spark plugs for a reason and having someone who plays that way inspires you to up your game.


All you gotta do is look at a guy like Motte and see what he does for the 4th line.


IMO we need more of it on top of Zac. Could inspire a guy like Virtanen to up his game physically.

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