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[PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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10 minutes ago, Kanukfanatic said:

Give us all a break. Every Canadian market is the same. Get down on their team when they lose and love them when they win. Same in every Canadian city. Anyone with any knowledge of Canada knows this.

I get it man...50 years of no cup will do that to a market. Cheers dude!

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Just watched the game, got home late... great win. Mac was a force for sure. I think we finally have a 3rd line, even Roussell was finally moving! Stech making a case for another contract too.


Things that still worried me however... the PP was rancid, Petey still looks off - those 2 brutal giveaways could have easily gone in our net... and Horvat gets clipped with a hanging leg and just chirps the guy and skates away, he almost didn't see his teammates getting in a scrap on his behalf. That was tough to watch.


Anyway, back on the right track against a really good team. McKinnon's better than advertised.

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1 hour ago, Down by the River said:

Canucks Throw Away Contract on CHL Free Agent Zack MacEwen

MARCH 4, 2017, 12:54 AM | JEREMY DAVIS



More of those 'expert' opinions eh? :lol: 

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1 hour ago, Tre Mac said:

Thank Gaud, that 3rd line was rolling.  Time to spark a victory J.


1 hour ago, Qwags said:

This might be the turning point of the season if we make the playoffs. 



Big Mac should never sniff the AHL again.


1 hour ago, Devron44 said:

Can we give Rooster some credit now?


1 hour ago, spook007 said:

Great fight by the boys.... Looks like they've realised the whistles are not as frequent anymore....

Like Mad Tanev.... and what a game for MacEwan... But all the lines played their part...

Time to go back to bed... finally with a smile on the face :)

Great to finally get a win after 4 straight losses.


1. In those four losses as a group the Canucks actually played pretty well. Every game could have gone either way and if they play that way in general  you would expect 4 or 5 points out of a possible 8 instead of 0 pts out of 8.


2. Tonight was another game that could have gone either way and Colorado did actually have an edge in play. In fact, they had a pretty big edge in high danger chances (13-8). The Canucks were fortunate in that the Colorado goalie did not have a great night and the Canucks were able to capitalize on their chances. 


3. A lot of people (including me) have been complaining that big Mac does not play enough. He only played about 7 minutes tonight and obviously had 2 big goals. He also led the team in hits with 4. And, unlike Motte, who also makes a lot of hits, a hit from MacEwen is something guys remember. (Nothing against Motte and I appreciate his energy but Big Mac brings a physical presence that this team needs.) 


4. Loved the Gaudette, MacEwen, Roussel line overall. Gaudette made excellent plays on his two assists and he was instrumental in 4 of the 8 high danger chances the Canucks had tonight. Roussel has been disappointing this season but probably had his best game of the season tonight. 


5. The Horvat line was hard-matched against the MacKinnon line -- and that is a tough job. Horvat had 12:55 against MacKinnon tonight at even strength and the other three centers COMBINED had only 3:38. So Horvat, Eriksson and Pearson had a tough job but they only gave up 1 goal to that line. Loui is taking a lot of heat in the PGT tonight and I was pretty unhappy with him in the first period. But he played a good defensive game in the 2nd and 3rd periods. I still hate signing him as UFA of course, but he deserves to be in the line-up based on his play tonight. 


6. As for the Pettersson line, Miller continues to be a rock star. EP is struggling. He made a great play on the second goal but later in the game on the PP he had a lot of opportunities to shoot and did not shoot and then got frustrated and attempted a couple of low probability shots. He was also "credited" with 3 give-aways and I thought he had some other near-giveaways. He is still an excellent player but the last third of the season is obviously a challenge for him between fatigue and the changes in the de facto rules that allow a lot more holding, interference, etc. He just looks a bit frustrated. 


7. Tanev  is amazingly courageous -- among the league leaders is shot blocks again.He was out there against MacKinnon all night -- initially with Hughes but then Green switch edto go with Edler and Tanev against MacKinnon, which I think was the right call. Fantenberg had a solid game tonight. 


8. Finally, what about Demko. He was okay. Obviously he has not been great in relief of Marky since the injury -- not bad, but not great, and he has had some bad luck. But maybe tonight's game can help him build some confidence. 


Bottom line: the Canucks are back in playoff position -- first in the wild card chase -- but with only a paper thin lead on Winnipeg, Minnie, Nashville and Arizona. No more margin for error. 

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2 hours ago, Dumb Nuck said:

It’s nice to won this one.......but, firstly, the AVs played like sh!t, we played OK but not great but more importantly EP and Hughes; 0 shots on net, what’s up with that. They both had many chances to shoot.

Lol who the hell are you? Why don't you leave already

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3 hours ago, RU SERIOUS said:

Abbreviated Game Recap: Loui sucks - Zac Rules !


(next time someone gets sent down to the minors it should be LE - end of story!


You do realize they’re not going to do that? first because of the amount of money he makes and second because his agent is a very well known agent with pull so you don’t want to piss him off for future contracts. All that and loui hasn’t been a liability at all and is playing pretty decent. My advice to you is just forget about the contract and accept that he still is an effective nhl player...just not offensively. Like it or not it’s just the truth 

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