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Happy Birthday, Tyler Motte!

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7 minutes ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

hopefully he plays over ericksson today :/

I think MacEwen's coming out, we need PK guys in the lineup. 

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On 3/10/2020 at 9:52 AM, Jimmy McGill said:

Such a great return for Vanek, the chances of a 3rd rounder becoming as good as TM is pretty low. I hope they can extend him on a decent deal. 

I love Motte but I think it's safe to say this scouting crew could have found us a solid 4th liner in the 3rd round, at least. With that said they would not have become useful to us as quickly as Motte has. That is the real benefit to Motte over a 3rd rounder. Not saying I'd rather have a 3rd rounder just that the odds of Benning/Brackett drafting a good player in the 3rd round as good as Motte is not that low in my books. I could be overrating the scouting crew, I just really like their picks overall.

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One of my favorites.  


Great motor, work eithic, hockey intelligence - reads the play defensively like a seasoned veteran - pursues the puck relentlessly - always applying pressure, getting in front of shots, taking the body, taking away time/space.  And he has the offensive base to his game that can re-emerge at any point of his career.


Imo he's the next generation of Higgins, Hansen, (Burrows) type player - that you need to win.   Motte and MacEwen are a couple guys who play a hard working two way game that could be really important players in the future (Motte has already proven to be a key energy driver in the lineup).


Nice to see the piece regarding him facing his struggles with anxiety and depression.    Seems like a great young man - I hope he really continues to thrive.   HBD TM.

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