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[PGT] New York Islanders at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 10, 2020

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Just now, Devron44 said:

Did you catch his wife answering phones tonight. Seems pretty committed to me.

Exactly.  If the wife wants to be part of this younger group too, than (maybe?) the stars will align.  He said he’s trying to prove to the team he deserves the contract he wants.  That sounds like a guy who wants to be here.  He would get to play with Petey and Miller for at least three more years!  We got to dump Loui’s contract.  

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Love the win. Our defense does need to be revamped in the off season. Personally I just don't think our defense is tough enough. Teams are just willing to take it to the net because there is no one there to punish them. You need to have that balance. Brent burns would look good or Webber.  A player like Muzzin.

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2 minutes ago, Green Building said:

Totally not worried about the dude, he was just launched into a tough situation. Bad goals were expected, but overall he has been fine, and tonight he was excellent when he needed to be.

Definitely. That series of great saves he made in the 1st period? Anyway, he's building more confidence game after game.

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Fun game to watch. Saw emotion and desperation play for both teams. Would like the see some more Body checks and that 40’ drop pass is still painful to watch though. Happy with the effort, more games like this one please! 

Funniest part of the game for me... watching and Gf looks up at the Tv and see Trots and says “look it’s Humpty Dumpty”:lol:



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