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Mafia: Pandemic [Game Over: Mafia wins]

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4 hours ago, Time Lord said:

this makes it sound like the mafia team starts with patient zero (and maybe some people are already infected) and they can only grow if patient zero is still alive


but then again it's not like infected people try to infect other people so it doesn't seem realistic, maybe it's more of a passive thing

I assumed Patient Zero was Kingpin. But maybe re-naming standard roles is too vanilla for this.


@Time LordDo you still watch Doctor Who? 

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3 hours ago, Zfetch said:

Geezers gotta stop talking about the mechanics of the game. They'll unravel themselves. What won't is the scum unless they're called out.

Zfetch lock town. Town worry about mechanics discussion being 'distracting'.


3 hours ago, Zfetch said:

I didn't like WWs entrance one slight bit

Zfetch lock scum. This is what scum say to try to sow seeds of suspicion.

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Ceres' starting the mechanics discussion is completely null. He'd do it as either faction. Slight town lean for dismissing Cult (I also thought about the 'red text' thing taking that option away) - unless, of course, it turns out there is a Cult.


Lucky is forcing the aggro. Like, in every post. He's putting on a persona. Scum lock lean.


Didn't notice anyone else on my first read-through.

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