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Mafia: Pandemic [Game Over: Mafia wins]

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2 hours ago, falcon45ca said:

Seems a touch presumptuous, also why do the mechanics of how it works matter? Seems like an easy way to get the town distracted from rooting out scum.

Are you genuinely asking me why mechanics are important in a mafia game?

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2 hours ago, Where's Wellwood said:


I've been town before and wondered how mafia mechanics worked that game cause I was curious and it could be useful to know.


I'm wondering how Ceres knows anything. Also not great that he wants everyone's opinions. That'd be alot of useless fluff easy to hide mafia in

I know Aladeen well enough to estimate how he'd structure this game (or at least to try). My speculation starts there. 


If you think it's fluff that's fine, but I think there's information to learn based on what people say to that.

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