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Member of Canucks Office Staff tests Positive

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well ok


so this is the first one that impacts nuck fans unusually

i hope we do not get a separate new thread for each higher profile infection


let's just use the virus thread for most of these new reported cases

but i can understand why the first one gets some special treatment

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Statistically this was inevitable.   Eventually players,  perhaps dozens or even hundreds across the league will be diagnosed.   On a positive note - their demographic is likely the most prepared to make it through with the least impact on their personal health. 

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1 hour ago, IBatch said:

Soooooo...no playoffs? At least sponge baths are fun - not terribly worried about whomever this is.  My parents and in laws - yep worried about them.  Stay safe and if you need a nurse call these ones...sexy temptation island GIF by RTL 5

This may be the best display of how selfish humanity can be. Him? Ain’t my problem.


God damn son.


You get a damn Trophy for that one and it ain’t for the sponge bath.


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15 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

My advice would be... keep testing them, because there have been cases of close contacts who initially test negative ending up expressing symptoms and subsequently test positive, resulting in others being infected by the silent carrier.

there are barely enough tests to test them even once

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12 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

then maybe the gov't shouldn't have kept up the whole facade and narrative of "low risk", when they don't even have the capability to determine the true situation on the ground

Know what's funny? Go on the gov't of Canada website and they say there are like 5-10 probable cases in ALL OF CANADA. 

I am not joking. 

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