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CDC Mix Exchange - COVID 19 edition

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Ok, gang.  back by popular demand (ok, one person asked, but in these trying times, I deliver!), it's time for another playlist exchange.  Wheeeeeee :frantic:


For newbies (or mix exchange vets who've been smelling too much hand sanitizer lately), here are some instructions:


0. If you don't want to play, have a nice day.  If you do want to play, and have a nicer day (or three), leave a reply in thread to that effect.  I'll check in occasionally to add participant names on the OP to show you are in.  


1.  Curate 25 - 40 minutes of music you'd like to share with everyone.  No minimum/maximum number of songs


2.  Assemble mix using YouTube playlist feature.  Now that YouTube streams music, you should be able to find a "Topic" version of the song.


3.  PM the link to Kragar, for distribution.  Do not post the link in-thread, as I'll send them out so you don't always know whose list you've got.


4.  Receive mix, listen to it, and provide feedback in the thread.  Include the link to the playlist.  Oh, and don't wimp out and fail to do your review.


5.  Have fun, and feel free to comment on other playlists as they appear.


No theme this time, so go to town however you like (oh wait, gotta stay at home, right?).  For newbies, here is a link to my last one for reference.  Playlists start to show up on page 2.


Tagging previous participants, in case yer up for it again.

@luckylager @Alain Vigneault @falcon45ca @Ceres @Baer. @DarthMelvin


Oh, and lastly... I'll save any/all of us the trouble, and post this here now, so we don't duplicate this in our lists.  BTW, have two lists in the same exchange had the same song before?




1. Alain Vigneault

2. otherwise

3. Baer., even if it is all rap.

4. Kurisu

5. Spoderman

6. falcon45ca

7. Ceres

8. luckylager

9. Zfetch

10. Kragar


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ok gang... half the submissions are in.  How soon can we wrap up the rest, so the big fun can begin?  Don't make me come down there!!! ;) 


I am willing to accept new requests today if anyone still wants to join, but those coming on now should be able to commit to have their list done in a couple days.

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