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CDC Mix Exchange - COVID 19 edition

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disputare suscepimus


Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated

Solid vibe. But I do have to doc marks for a misleading title. Energetic song not a sedated song! Shame! I liked it overall tho



Rod Stewart - Reason To Believe

Quality Lyrics. Enjoyable song and really do hit the spot rn. 


Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Beanfields

Eh its an okay song but doesn't quite keep the vibe going like the last two could.

James Brown vs Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Sex Machine

Best song of the whole playlist. Fantastic, Everything about it. Quality duet that belongs in a museum somewhere. Amazing. James Brown is magic.


The Kings - This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide

Eh. Its a pretty good song. Lyrics are alright and this is upbeat so it keeps the juices flowing. Overall its good but the genres just dont align with mine.

Overall mix was a solid 9/11.
Please ban me from these mix things. Ain't my forte but always as tempting as the last.
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 Here's the playlist for @Zfetch's review.


Glad you liked it for the most part.  I've been wanting to do a tandem China Crisis/Steely Dan-ish back to back in a playlist for a while, and this time it just seemed to work for the times.  It was only a few minutes in that I realized that "China crisis" was more appropriate than I planned.


The whole point of my list was to start high, bring things down a bit, and then jump back up to strong positive vibes.  I could listen to the James Brown/Zep/Aerosmith mashup every day before work.  Just hard not to get jazzed up with that one.


Overall it was more positive than I was feeling, but that's ok... a little optimism is a good thing :)

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