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On 5/31/2020 at 3:44 PM, Timbermen said:

We should try a game for a buck buy in. Maybe we'd get more players.

I don't think money is the reason why people haven't been coming. I think there are different factors. For me, I've just been too busy and I just haven't been a good host of these games. We've had great turnouts before. But I strongly believe that a good host determines who you can attract.


I fault myself for not maintaining the club as well as I should have.

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I just think it was the fact that people did get busy as things opened up a bit more...nothing about your lack of "hosting".  People have been confined at home and now that the weather is better they're taking advantage of that and out and about.


It happens...summer months mean people drop away a bit.  As well, with hockey talk firing back up the focus is back there (as well).


Not everyone plays poker so it depends on how much "interest" there is out there based on that.  We only really had a handful of people at the best of times but I feel we should resume again at some point.  Even if only now and then...it's a good group.  We had fun and should keep it going.

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