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Mafia: Lombardy

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22 minutes ago, falcon45ca said:

I've been drunk since Thursday.



Last name Mangoes, a family with a rich Maf history. I'm the black sheep of the family, leading a life away from my family's criminal lifestyle.

Ok, so I lied a bit earlier in the thread to as a bit of a fishing expedition. You bit, but there's another angle to the Mango which was a total smoke screen.


Last name- Mango, not Mangoes.

No family connection to the mafia. A well off, honest, hard working family.



Vote Falcon

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2 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I know some people have a problem with his play, but I have a hard time seeing Naslund as mafia with his play and end of round voting. Staying on AV instead of flipping to Virt at the very end would have been the safer and more justifiable play for him if he were mafia imo.

I agree 100% if NIK is mafia I would be shocked and impressed.

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I am wondering if we should all be sharing our role characters.


I am Attilano Stano a former pop star 


and the description made it seem that there is chance that I have some family member amongst the other players so is anyone else a Stano? 

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