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Mafia: Lombardy

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History lesson for everyone: probably the first truly epic game of deception was with me and SS as mafia. Like, there had been your basic trickery before that - fake claims and such - but this was so beautifully orchestrated. And then we got betrayed by our own Lackey but still managed to win.


I wrote up an end-of-game report at the time. I bet I can dig it up...


(Or you can just ask Intoewsables...)

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@edler rocks did actually poke his head in a few months ago I believe. I'm over my grudge for his top ten anime betrayal now. :lol:


Witchcraft & Sedinery became @Captain Aerosex. That 'Roger Federer' newbie never amounted to much...he became 'Wilfred' or something, but stopped playing.


You can see otherwise was playing back then. I think 112 started around then too, but may not have been in this game.


Oh, and Rick Rypien. That guy stuck around, but changed his name once or twice, as I recall...

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I also feel compelled to mention that Sharpshooter was the actual Sheriff in the game I won as SK. He investigated me, and I came up 'not mafia' (which was standard wording back then) and so I was in the TP alliance and whittled my way through the roster until it was just me and him, giving me the victory. SS got suspicious towards the end, as I recall, but there was always a low-posting lurker to take out first, until it was too late.

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14 minutes ago, Ceres said:

Epic. That was a good read.


Let's get Edler Rock's playing again :lol:


We should seriously have some sort of "summary" every game so the big plays aren't lost in time 

Maybe somebody with a little more time on their hands ahem* who's decided not to play this game or the last game ahem* but is still posting pretty frequently ahem ahem ahem* can go back and do that. 

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27 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Here it is. I wrote it back in 2011 when the game ended. :lol:


  Reveal hidden contents

How the Mafia Kicked Ass, Got Epicly Betrayed, and Still Won the Game


By Master Radishes




The Cast:




I can’t say it enough - we had an absolutely fantastic crew. Witchcraft & Sedinery, Sharpshooter, Roger Federer, and I filled 22 pages of our PM convo with our plotting, scheming, and strategizing of every last detail. WS, SS, and I have worked together before, and we were excited to try it again; RF is a newbie, but a very enthusiastic one, and he wasn’t afraid to speak up and help strategize.




(Mr.Empty.Pants was also mafia, but he didn’t say a single word and got God-killed.)




The Lucky Break:




So very first round, Venom (the Sheriff) investigates WS and finds him clean...which he would, since WS is the Kingpin. We kill Venom that night (funnily enough, we were probably going to anyway), and boom, no more Sheriff. Just like that.




But no one else knows this, of course. So immediately we decide WS is going to be our “Sheriff”, and we’re going to set up the TP alliance ourselves. It’s a perfectly diabolical plan. Mwahaha.




The First Complications:




And then WS, our Kingpin, gets SKed before we even set it up.




Add in MEP getting God-killed at this time, and we’re suddenly down to 3 mafia and a Lackey (Edler Rocks was given RF’s name and they kept in contact. We didn’t invite him into the convo, though, just in case he was bluffing.) Our numbers were decimated and we had barely begun the game.




The TP and “Med Kit” Alliances:




But no matter. Sharpshooter takes over the “Sheriff” role, and we begin to enact our plan. He contacts Rick Rypien and Caboose, saying they were investigated. Rick – who had been accusing SS – now became the spokesperson for the “TP” alliance.








VICanucksfan got the Med Kit and passed it to me and Venom, meaning I got it since Venom died. We started talking, deciding we need to find a third TP we trust to pass the Kit around with, so that we can keep it out of mafia hands. I actually volunteer Intoewsables’ name myself, even though he’s not a fellow mafia. I didn’t want VIC suspicious if I volunteered, say, Roger Federer, a newbie. The Med Kit is only a tool anyway.




So Intoewsables gets the Med Kit, and joins what I called “the Med Kit Alliance” – VIC, Intoews, and me. We all trust each other to be TP (sorry guys), and we discuss how we should vote as a bloc. I called out SOB in thread, and we organize a vote against him. Rick and the anonymous “Sheriff” endorse this vote, and we run with it.




More complications:




SOB, however, was able to prove himself innocent to Intoewsables, via a length copy/paste of a PM convo that there was no way could have been faked. Intoewsables then volunteers Roger Federer as a new lynch candidate, due to Gourmet constantly accusing him. I didn’t see this in time, and couldn’t persuade the Heisenberg vote, which also had some traction. SS and I had planned to save RF – who had some suspicion on him – for a later round “sacrifice” if absolutely necessary, in order to bolster the “Sheriff’s” credibility. But that was ruined.




So we are forced to lynch RF, the poor guy, but we do at least get the Vig to kill Heisenberg, by asking publicly in the thread.




Legitimizing the Operation:




That night, we mafia kill Rick, because hey, what spokesperson doesn’t get killed by the mafia? This very act legitimizes the whole deception and removes any lingering doubts from those in the know.




Off to a roaring start, SS “investigates” Intoewsables, bringing him PLUS me and VIC into the alliance, since the “Sheriff” takes a “leap of faith” and trusts us to be TP. The alliance grows to 5.




Even More Complications:




The biggest worry at this time was the SK. He had already hit WS, and one wrong kill by him would blow the whole deception wide open. I was SO relieved that we got him when we did.




Oh, and then two nights ago, that whole cPanel crap prevented us from getting a kill in, meaning no mafia kill. (It would have been Intoewsables.)




Oh, and it also meant the Med Kit never got passed on to me or SS, like VIC was going to do, and it went flying off to someone random.




The End-Game:




The next couple rounds were straightforward...“Sheriff” SS “investigated” VIC and then me. We narrow down the list of unknowns to Mufasa, OCMC, otherwise, shiznak, etc and start lynching them one by one, while asking the Vig to kill others. OCMC finally comes forward as the Vig. SS and I pick off VIC to keep the alliance from getting too big (we couldn’t have everyone investigated after all.)




Basically, we just made sure to not say anything damning, to let Intoewsables (the spokesperson) take the lead in the thread, and to keep everyone focused on the “unknowns”, those not “investigated” by SS.




Edler rocks got bored and “came forward” as the Lackey to the TP. His cover story was basically true...we kept him at arm’s length out of paranoia, so he really wasn’t getting as involved he wanted.




But to make this gripping tale kind of anti-climactic...we got this final round set up, all the kills doled out, and sat back and tried not to get too involved. And...voila. Game, set, and match.








With about an hour to go, WS, SS, and I were celebrating prematurely. And then Intoewsables casually asked for SS to screenshot his convo with Krazz, saying a “little birdie” told him something. By a stroke of luck SS had JUST logged off briefly, and I desperately sent him a PM to let him know not to even open the Alliance PM Convo. (If he doesn’t post and hasn’t read the convo, he can’t have seen the request and therefore doesn’t have to comply. He’s offline, basically.)




That was a heart attack and a half. But hey, crisis avoided...!




Game Ov- Wait, WHAT?




Confident in our victory, SS comes back and doesn’t hide from the accusations, basically admitting he’s mafia. Everyone is so shocked. It was awesome. WS, SS, and I refresh the page constantly, waiting for our victory...




And there it is, we – wait, what? Mafia did not act?




Krazz made a mistake, of course. He must have. We all PM him to let him know.




He says he made no mistake. We say yes, he did. He says no, he didn’t. We say yes, HE DID. He says talk to our supposed Lackey.




Holy fu...




The Betrayal:




Edler rocks blocked us. Our lackey stabbed us in the back and blocked us.




We. Were. Pissed.




We plotted seventeen different deaths for edler rocks. He just thought it hilarious. He said he had a plan, don’t worry, he’s got this. Of course, he fracked up big time, since SS had already admitted to being mafia. He basically got pouty that we didn’t include him enough, and he went ahead and screwed up our plans for some half-baked idea of his own that would never have worked anyway.




We were devastated. Game over. All that hard work...for nothing.




Damage Control




I realised I was the only one left with any hope of survival. I leapt into action immediately, beginning the SS vote and PMing a couple people, doing my damndest to appear innocent. I picked out Caboose to frame, because he had been in SS’s alliance the longest, and began working on Intoewsables, still the TP leader, to kill him.




It soon became clear the plan was to have OCMC – who got the Med Kit, somehow – Vig kill the most likely “third mafia” (after SS and edler) and win the game tonight. If they didn’t get him, they’d lose.




So it all came down to tonight. And it all came down to me or Caboose.




I did my best to convince OCMC that his instinct about Caboose was right. I scoured my brain for arguments to prove I was TP and Caboose was suspicious. I prepared screenshots of my inbox in case I was asked for them. I told edler rocks not to block OCMC (or us again...grr). I feared I overdid it, but there was nothing left to do but wait and see...








Ohmygod the sense of relief that flooded through me as I realised we won!














The Thank-Yous (And Apologies):




Gotta thank the best mafia team I’ve ever seen or been a part of. WS, SS, RF, and I plotted every single detail. Seriously, you guys have no idea. We didn’t stop talking. If player x said something about what he ate for lunch, we brought it up in the convo. Our PM convo was 22 pages long – as long as the actual game thread itself, and that is even with two of our party dying part way through.




So...thanks guys, for one of the best and most fun mafia games I’ve ever played, if not the most fun. WS, you set up the entire Sheriff deception before your untimely death...even if you were “out of it”. ;) RF, you jumped right in and played as well as any newbie has. Your enthusiasm was great to see. :) And SS, you were the best “Sheriff” I’ve ever worked with. Cheers, buddy.




I’m sorry to Intoewsables and everyone else, though...you guys caught a bad situation. You had no way of knowing the Sheriff had already died and that the mafia had found out about it. That was just great luck on our part. Intoewsables especially...you’re such a good player. I kept arguing for you to be killed because of how dangerous you are. You almost were, if not for that cPanel screw up. Seriously, I kept expecting you to figure it out and ruin everything…and then you DID, you bastard! SS and I feared and respected no one else as much as we did you. So I’m really sorry...I know it sucks to have been manipulated. And if we ever get on the same mafia team together, we’ll take out SS first. ;)






And seriously, you guys have no idea how much work this was for SS and me. We each had almost a dozen PMs going at any one time with various people, and we had to keep track of who was “investigated”, which players knew this and which didn’t, and even what we each were supposed to know. SS wasn’t allowed to know where the Med Kit was at first, I couldn’t let slip that I knew Caboose was part of the alliance, etc etc.




And then the BETRAYAL. All our hard work down the drain, and we had to scramble to survive.




It was nerve-wracking at times, and definitely time-consuming. But totally worth it. :D



That brings back memories bud. Glad you still saved the write up after all this time. That was legendary level deception  by us. 

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