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Mafia: Lombardy

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Reminder: This is primarily a vanilla game. There are however twists and different dynamics that may present themselves. Do remind yourself that this game is mostly vanilla.

With that being said here's a poem:
This round will present you with little rope
So post post post! To stay afloat
My mother always told me, inactivity presents danger
While at the end of round A, we may lose a beloved stranger
People may change
People may pass
Do not be too comfortable on this side of the grass

The current time of this round is before the story-line presented in the OP. This round will end in 48 hours on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 at 10PM PST

Round A Begins

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So post post post! To stay afloat
My mother always told me, inactivity presents danger

Uh oh. 


Someone once said something about putting in a mechanic that would kill the least active player( or something to that effect). At least I think someone did. Was it one of Zfetch's crazy ideas that's now being implemented? 

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

Do we go on what we think or what we know? I received a random investigation from Zfetch that says I investigated a player and think their mafia. It’s kinda shady and random.

Wait, you already have the result? 

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