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Demko streaming NHL 20 on Twitch

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Junkyard Dog

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Today Demko was streaming NHL 20 on twitch. He was playing with mostly Brisebois. Brisebois brother came in for a few games, Big Mac(They call him Q) played a game, and one of Demko's old college teammates. If you need confirmation on if it is real check out ZMac's IG story. It has Demko's twitch account on there. He tried to get Huggybear on.


He is streaming tomorrow and he said he is trying to get a face cam going. Chat wants him to get a mod but he initially didn't know what that was till we told him haha. There was 50-100 people watching and the full stream is up on his channel with some clips. If it is okay with the mods I can post his channel name.


Gaudette also streaming COD Warzone but he needs to fix his audio. EDIT: HE fixed his audio and has a face cam going. FYI these are not PG streams. They are not super mature just what you expect when you game or hang out with your buddies.








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Mitch Marner also streaming CoD: Warzone. Has a face cam and is taking donations in an Assist fund effort for people. Usually has 150-200 people and he is on right now under Marns_16 on twitch. He might be a Laff but it is for a good cause.

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