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Vancouver Canucks Logo Tournament (Round #2)

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Canucks Logo Tournament Round #2  

54 members have voted

  1. 1. MATCHUP #1

    • Blue Orca (No Wordmark)
    • Red Orca
  2. 2. MATCHUP #2

    • Original Stick-in-rink
    • Modern Stick-in-rink
  3. 3. MATCHUP #3

    • Flying Skate
    • Jonny Canuck Head

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  • Poll closed on 04/10/2020 at 06:59 AM

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Round 2 of the logo tournament, please vote for all matchups to keep it balanced! Thanks! This will be an interesting one.



canucks2.jpg.1c637b7a644ab78a7af488914335bf4a.jpg vs. 1200px-Vancouver_Canucks_logo_svg.thumb.png.725538e47303ec9d5f8ca50c99e9199a.png



canucks1.jpg.82765c7d4e2632f86e5f534af21c73a7.jpg vs. Revised-Stick-and-Rink-2008-vancouver-canucks-2061993-700-514.gif.de1969800c8177f3cd93eee28a4defa9.gif



article_52db5470-6e5a-4ec8-a71f-fe5d758dcd04.gif.e960d93db9fe6dfc3b4913b23dee6085.gif vs. mo4s55icd2yfae5f644c.png.020b7c4ca16bbdfc0eb73d125cd6481d.png


Voting closes April 9th at 11:59 PM.

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1 minute ago, Vanuckles said:

Went back to the first thread and saw this:




OP bias? :lol:

oh no.. i picked the wrong file... i created the poll after putting in the logos. thanks for letting me know, ill fix that asap

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2 hours ago, Baratheon said:

Wow I'm surprised the modern stick in rink is doing so well.  I like it but I do prefer the original and thought it would dominate.

agreed, I like the original a lot more. it's still tied, looking like it's going to be a close finish.

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