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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #21

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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #21  

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  1. 1. Who is the #21 Canuck of All-Time?

    • B. Morrison
    • A. Boudrias
    • E. Jovanovski
    • P. Sundstrom
    • D. Lidster
    • K. Bieksa
    • C. Ronning
    • D. Kearns
    • D. Lever
    • G. Adams

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As I predicted, the vote for #20 was by far the closest one we've had yet. Sami Salo was voted as the 20th greatest Canuck with only 11 votes, by far the fewest, as the votes were incredibly evenly split. He was only one vote ahead of Morrison.


Greg (not C) Adams had a pretty solid victory in the nominations with eight of them last round and was added as a voting option.


Reminder to both vote and nominate another player to be added as a voting option!


For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of polls before, the way they work is you vote for who you think is the greatest/top Canuck at the position. As for what is meant by "Greatest" or "Top", I will leave that to each individual. I have my own interpretations, but others may define it differently. Worth noting, that I do want to keep this to their tenures with Vancouver and as players, thus a player like Neely would only be considered for his Vancouver time and guys like Quinn and Crawford would only be considered for their playing careers, not their coaching careers.


The List:

#1 - H. Sedin

#2 - D. Sedin

#3 - T. Linden

#4 - P. Bure

#5 - M. Naslund

#6 - S. Smyl

#7 - R. Luongo

#8 - K. McLean

#9 - T. Gradin

#10 - A. Edler


#11 - T. Bertuzzi

#12 - M. Ohlund

#13 - R. Brodeur

#14 - A. Burrows

#15 - R. Kesler

#16 - H. Snepsts

#17 - T. Tanti

#18 - A. Mogilny

#19 - J. Lumme

#20 - S. Salo

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Voting for Morrison once again. He was second in votes last time, so I hold out hope that he'll get in here.


Nominating Skriko again. My best hope here is that many of the Adams nominators from last round move to Skriko.



Interesting that Salo got in before Bieksa even though he was nominated afterwards. Salo getting in is one of the biggest jump ups from my list yet. I have Salo at the late 20s, so him getting in as early as 20th is quite a jump. As a matter of fact, I actually have Skriko (not even a voting option yet) above Salo on my list.

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Not to be that whiney guy but Salo in the top 20 is more than, interesting. Especially ahead of more prominent d-men like Jovo, Lidster, Hamhuis and Bieksa. All guys I’d say were superior players overall. That’s not even including BMo and Cliff Ronning still floating around. Democracy has spoken though.


I continue the BMo campaign. Get Hammer in there. A legit shutdown D-man. He was Colton Parayko before Colton Parayko was Colton Parayko. His hip checks were legendary. Until one derailed him and our Cup hopes.

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Just voted Boudrias and OMG, realized that Gary Smith isn't even on any of the lists yet!  Does no one else recall hearing how Jim Robson went out of his way (very uncharacteristically) to tout Smith as league MVP back in the mid-70's?  I nominate Gary Smith!

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