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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #22

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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #22  

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  1. 1. Who is the #22 Canuck of All-Time?

    • A. Boudrias
    • E. Jovanovski
    • K. Bieksa
    • C. Ronning
    • D. Lever
    • D. Lidster
    • P. Sundstrom
    • D. Kearns
    • G. Adams
    • C. Tanev

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In what was another fairly close vote, Morrison took the 'W' in the poll for #21. Many other players also got serious consideration. The nomination game was a fierce one with about four legitimate contenders, but in the end it came to Gino and Tanev, with the Tanman edging him out by just one nomination, seven to the six of Odjick, so Tanev was added as an option.


Reminder to both vote and nominate another player to be added as a voting option!


For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of polls before, the way they work is you vote for who you think is the greatest/top Canuck at the position. As for what is meant by "Greatest" or "Top", I will leave that to each individual. I have my own interpretations, but others may define it differently. Worth noting, that I do want to keep this to their tenures with Vancouver and as players, thus a player like Neely would only be considered for his Vancouver time and guys like Quinn and Crawford would only be considered for their playing careers, not their coaching careers.


The List:

#1 - H. Sedin

#2 - D. Sedin

#3 - T. Linden

#4 - P. Bure

#5 - M. Naslund

#6 - S. Smyl

#7 - R. Luongo

#8 - K. McLean

#9 - T. Gradin

#10 - A. Edler


#11 - T. Bertuzzi

#12 - M. Ohlund

#13 - R. Brodeur

#14 - A. Burrows

#15 - R. Kesler

#16 - H. Snepsts

#17 - T. Tanti

#18 - A. Mogilny

#19 - J. Lumme

#20 - S. Salo


#21 - B. Morrison

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Morrison finally gets in! The next to vote for on my list is who I believe was the greatest Canuck of the 70s, Andre Boudrias. The Superpest had some great seasons and not just for two or three years either. After leaving the Canucks in 1976, Boudrias continued to be the all-time leader in points for four more seasons until Lever finally passed him in 1980. The same was true of his assists total, except it was Kearns who passed him in the 1979-80 season.


The thing for me that separates Boudrias from Lever is that Boudrias was more consistently a 1st line player than Lever. Only in his final year in Vancouver did Boudrias fall off a bit.


Continuing with my nomination streak of Petri Skriko, four-time 30+ goal scorer for the Canucks.

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Well now that we've gotten Mogilny / Salo / Morrison out of our system we can get down to business.




The three combined have less playoff points than Geoff Courtnall alone.


It's looking good for my main man Boudrias and Ronning.


It's looking rough for Lidster, Sundstrom and Kearns.  They're gonna have to scratch and claw for a victory just like they did in the old days.


Speaking of Ronning, it hurt to have Bobby Lalonde (5'5") just outside the top 50.  Heck of a player and our Fleury / Ronning of the 1970s.  You can see him buzzing around in that 1975 playoff game I posted...getting knocked down and springing back up without complaint and ready for the next round, just like Cliff used to do.


The exact opposite of Kesler throwing off his gloves and helmet in all directions to make it look like a grenade went off at the site of the "infraction."




For real though, I respect Brendan Morrison's ironman streak.  And didn't he get his teeth knocked out one time and then come back on the ice to score the game winner?




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3 hours ago, Kevin Biestra said:

Vote Lidster, nominate Tiger Williams, though I fear I do both in vain.


Some good names popping up in the nominations this round though.

Liked your post about " Now that we got that away from that can we get down to business" but I fear Lidster is going to have to wait ... at this point I'm voting for the main guys that others are that I think should get in over the other ones getting enough votes to win - it didn't help much recently but it looks like Boudrias is getting his due (a little late but better then a lot late) ... and I also have LIdster close to Boudrias - although in the 14-16 range....Williams is coming soon on my list for nominees...so is Butcher - those guys were important to us - at least we were never slouches in that department despite a lot of tough competition in our own division back then.  Don't mind the Jovo votes at all - he should also be in by now too...was a popular enough Canuck and one of a few to get multiple all-star selections especially as a defenseman and played close to the same number of games as Boudrias.    The older era players are getting representation - the votes are so split up that I fear the WCE and Sedin guys are going to get in before others that really should be getting in first.   Oh well...still a lot of fun - and so far nobody is undeserving of the top fifty - just a little off on a few.  

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