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On 4/9/2020 at 11:20 PM, nux4lyfe said:

Money aside.


If there was any place in this whole wide world that you would love to call home for the rest of your life, Where would it be? And have you actually been there?

BC. I'm already here. Any number of places in BC would do just fine. 


I have been lucky to have been to every province, much of the US, a little bit of South America, Asia, Europe. No where is a good as BC imo. 

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2 hours ago, smithers joe said:

we anchored in nanoose bay when i was in the navy. remembered we rowed ashore and sat on the beach there. maybe 1961.

That's soo cool.


We still have the Navy base at Notch hill.


Did you ever see the yellow submarine? 

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Somewhere without as much snow as where I live now, preferably in a different country, in a nice, but not too big, home where I can have the routine I want and buy what I want without worrying about income. I don't have to have a spouse (I don't have one now).


Because of that, I'll probably end up in a run-of-the-mill suburban home in Northern Alberta with a wife and kids. :unsure:

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