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Florence Schelling named GM of SC Bern (first female GM in men’s pro hockey)

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I just thought it was a nice, positive story and a “first” that’s long overdue and well worth acknowledging.


I think it’s great to see the increasing female representation in (men’s) hockey (and other major sports), especially in recent years. 

I don’t have much else to say. Just figured I’d start a thread and see if it goes anywhere. ;) 


Personally, I’m pretty stoked whenever I see women, people of colour, LGBTQ folks, and other under represented groups finally getting a seat at the table. :) 

Also cool that someone so young (she’s only 31) is stepping into a GM role for a major professional team. 

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Pretty neat to see. While I can't see a woman thriving as a head coach in a men's league, I see no reason why one couldn't thrive as a GM. Would be interesting to see if/when it happens in the NHL.

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Wish her all the best. Lots of pressure on her, not necessarily from everyone but there will be some old school fans that will microanalyze every move she makes to reinforce the idea women don't belong. Hockey needs more women/people of colour in big time positions. Really hope this works out positively. 

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