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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #28

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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #28  

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  1. 1. Who is the #28 Canuck of All-Time?

    • E. Jovanovski
    • B. Horvat
    • P. Skriko
    • G. Courtnall
    • G. Odjick
    • G. Adams
    • P. Sundstrom
    • C. Tanev
    • D. Babych
    • G. Butcher

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This last one was a very lopsided two-horse race with only the top getting serious consideration. Kearns let the whole time, but Jovanovski furiously made a comeback attempt near the end and fell only one vote short of Kearns.


The nominations were also a two horse race, between Butcher and Kurtenbach. This time, Butcher took the victory by just one nomination, so he was added as a voting option.


Reminder to both vote and nominate another player to be added as a voting option!


For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of polls before, the way they work is you vote for who you think is the greatest/top Canuck at the position. As for what is meant by "Greatest" or "Top", I will leave that to each individual. I have my own interpretations, but others may define it differently. Worth noting, that I do want to keep this to their tenures with Vancouver and as players, thus a player like Neely would only be considered for his Vancouver time and guys like Quinn and Crawford would only be considered for their playing careers, not their coaching careers.


The List:

#1 - H. Sedin

#2 - D. Sedin

#3 - T. Linden

#4 - P. Bure

#5 - M. Naslund

#6 - S. Smyl

#7 - R. Luongo

#8 - K. McLean

#9 - T. Gradin

#10 - A. Edler


#11 - T. Bertuzzi

#12 - M. Ohlund

#13 - R. Brodeur

#14 - A. Burrows

#15 - R. Kesler

#16 - H. Snepsts

#17 - T. Tanti

#18 - A. Mogilny

#19 - J. Lumme

#20 - S. Salo


#21 - B. Morrison

#22 - A. Boudrias

#23 - D. Lidster

#24 - K. Bieksa

#25 - C. Ronning

#26 - D. Lever

#27 - D. Kearns

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Vote Sundstrom.  Nominate Tiger Williams.


There are still some other Canucks legends of old that need into this voting game though...  Gary Smith, Orland Kurtenbach and Darcy Rota spring to mind as the most overlooked at this point.

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I expect Jovanovski will probably take this one, but I don't have him for a fair while yet on my board. I'm voting for Patrik Sundstrom, player who held the Canuck records for most points and goals by a centre for a very very long time. Also has the most points as a Canuck in a game with seven points in one game.


Nominating Darcy Rota.

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Voting Sundstrom


And you know who I'm nominating by now 


Hansen is 20th in games played amongst Canucks, ahead of a few guys who've made it in

He's also 32nd in total points amongst Canucks, impressive given he played mostly a bottom 6/top 9 role 

He was one of the few players we've had over the last decade that you could count on to give his all game in and game out, he didn't take games off

Seriously, Burrows gets a lot of love but Hansen was right there with him as a heart and soul player 


Don't sleep on the honey badger!







Trollin Dion
GIF: Jannik Hansen trolls Dion Phaneuf for turtling – Canucksarmy
The hero this poll deserves 
Helluva teammate
Vancouver canucks raffi torres jannik hansen GIF - Find on GIFER
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Voted Sundstrom, nominate Curt Fraser

92 goals 

114 assists

348 games


Probably the best fighter this team ever had, and this team has had a lot of good scrappers. 

Power forward, before the words were used to describe that style of play.

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