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US media report North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is brain dead (after surgery)


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North and South Korea - shots fired between the two in the Demilitarised Zone

Sun 3 May 2020 05:41:06 GMT


South Korea's military report the North has fired gunshots hitting a South Korean guard post in the central border area of Cheorwon.

  • The South Koreans said they broadcast a warning message and returned fire with two shots in response
  • No injuries have been reported
  • Efforts have been made to contact the North to find a reason for the incident ,,, ADDED - Yonhap (South Korean media) report the two sides are now in contact.
This comes just after North Korean state media published photos of Kim Jung Un at a public appearance, celebrating the opening of a fertiliser plant near Pyongyang.  KJU had not been seen in public for nearly three weeks. 
South Korea's military report the North has fired gunshots hitting a South Korean guard post in the central border area of Cheorwon.
Looks like Tubby's back with a bang.
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Some people think Kim Jong Un has a double.  




However, wild theorists are claiming that Kim Jong Un has a body double after he made his first public appearance. The pictures have been seized upon by internet sleuths who claim that the man pictured is a political decoy and not Kim at all, said a Mail Online report.

According to the report, the ears and teeth of Kim have been the focus, many comparing very dated images of a younger Kim, to last week's recent pictures of the North Korean leader. 

The Sun report, however, cited some of the theories that speculate the double could be standing in due to the leader's poor health, or even death, while others questioned if his absence was really a period of recovery following plastic surgery.   

Even as Korean State-run media released images and video showing the 36-year-old at a fertiliser factory, eagle-eyed web sleuths believe it was really a lookalike on the photos and they point to changes in his face, hair and teeth compared to previous appearances.

There are suggestions some of the photos have in fact been doctored, while others suggested that Kim's mysterious 20-day disappearance was down to plastic surgery. 

Slueths reportedly pointed to slight differences in Kim Jong-un's nose, wrinkles, teeth, cupid's bow, hairline and ears. One reportedly doctored photo shows Kim's teeth looking much straighter, and several shades less white than in previous pics.

Meanwhile, some refused to believe the news and are now convinced that Kim Jong Un is probably using a body double to compensate for his ailing health. 

Conspiracy theories suggest that like other dictators, Kim has been using a doppelganger to make public appearances on his behalf. 

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng was reportedly one of the first people to point out that there are discrepancies in Kim's hairline, teeth structure and ears. 

International Business Times also reported that Kim Jong has earlier used body doubles numerous times and often used them to ward off assination attempts by his enemies. 

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