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Werewolf! The Awakening (Game Over - Town Wins)

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Addressing potential questions/concerns about the JOAT:


The JOAT can only use one action per Night.


They have to complete one cycle of actions before they can begin a new cycle. E.g. Track -> Save -> Detect would be one cycle. Each cycle of actions can be done in ANY order. 


The JOAT also cannot self-save. 




Please only vote in the poll if that vote is accompanied by a vote in the thread. 

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2 minutes ago, Kurisu said:

Kind of angleshooty but did you guys ever notice "Blue Jay 22" and "Werewolf" both have "e" as the "4th letter"?


Meanwhile "Kurisu" and "Werewolf" don't share any letters.....

Except for the R.


I also noticed that MR has an R, and if you flip his M upside down, it turns into a W as well. Might be something there.

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2 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Kurisu and WW are scum.


Nickelback lyrics are a dead giveaway

Hey man, Nickelback rocks!! One of my favourite bands along with Creed, Theory of a Deadman, Buckcherry, Imagine Dragons, and Three Days Grace.

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  • Ceres changed the title to Werewolf! The Awakening (Game Over - Town Wins)

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