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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #36 - Tie-Breaker

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TOP 50 CANUCKS OF ALL-TIME - #36 - Tie-Breaker  

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  1. 1. Who is the #36 Canuck of All-Time?

    • D. Babych
    • G. Odjick

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Gino was great...but Babych was a force every playoff game he played and kept the dream alive in game 5 ... where as Gino was benched in favour of Antoski pretty much right away.   Without Babych no game six ... for me at least this isn’t a very tough decision.  

edit:  if we are still doing nominations then Oddliefson...next up Lanz..

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35 minutes ago, Kevin Biestra said:

I'm voting for Babych but Odjick was the next guy on my list anyway, so I'm happy regardless of how this goes.  They both should have been in earlier.

You bet.  I have Babych in the late 20’s...because he was so loved and such a calming influence for the Linden teams...he played a much bigger role and always amped it up when things mattered the most - and was a great leader for those teams too...which is why he was an alternate Captain.  Gino had a tough job and was also inspiring but one played 25 minutes against the league’s best competition and the other had a tryout on the first line one year and aside from that played 4-8 minutes a game.  Babych was every bit as important as most others on that team ... no run without him.  

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I said this last time... for me its all about entertainment and Gino is 100%pure entertainment.

He was heart and soul for his team mates.

Have a look at this video. Not just for the face punching damage but watch the pure joy he exudes every time he hits the back of the net. He is like a kid, just so stoked to be doing what he loves, with his mates and for the fans. No thats entertainment baby! 

Gino has to be next on the list.


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