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CDC Survivor - Island of Mysteries (Signups Open)

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Welcome to CDC SURVIVOR: Island of Mysteries



What is it:
An Unknown Number of Castaways will be split up into two tribes. On these two tribes, the castaways can form bonds with their fellow tribemates and prepare to win challenges. These challenges will produce only one winner where the losing tribe will be sent to a date with me at Tribal Council. The losing tribe must then vote and decide who is to be eliminated from their tribe. This continues until we have a Final 3. About halfway through, the two tribes will merge and become one. At that point, anyone voted out will be a member of the jury where they will cast a vote for who in the Final 3 they believe should win. Any other rules can be clarified with me and this OP will be updated.

The Twist:
Wouldn't just be a survivor season without a twist! Not just your usual twists like Hidden Immunity Idols(which provide safety from a vote when you play it), there's another twist! The Island of Mysteries will be in play this season, and what lies there is yet to be known.

Please only signup if you are interested enough to partake and visit this thread multiple times a day to be active.

For now, our predicted schedule is as follows:
Day 1 - Casting Auditions
Day 2 - Casting Auditions
Day 3 - Final wrap up to casting decisions//Start Contestant Bios

Day 4 - Contestant Bios
Day 5 - Pregame Interviews

Day 6 - Game Start!

This game will likely take a while to complete. Active players is a must to make this the best experience possible. Hopefully the winner of our first ever season plays an epic game!

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6 hours ago, luckylager said:

Already in my bikini bottoms. Now if I could only find my buff...


@Ceres , do you have any sunscreen?

My skin is whiter than the CDC background. So yes, I do.

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3 hours ago, otherwise said:

knowing my posting habits in maf would that be active enough for this game?

probably not but if you can post once a day and keep up then you'll be fine

I'll keep you in the casting audition list.

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25 minutes ago, Sharpshooter said:

Hope not. That 48 hour nonsense was well, nonsense. 

I word good sometimes. 

Pfft. Real good wording is only half as important as the thought behind cupcakes and whether or not they need sprinkles.

Same with punctuation.

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