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Please note a good deed you've done recently for another stranger.


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So recently, someone in front of me at the drive thru paid for my order and I thought it was so nice of them. I wanted to flag them down and say thank you but it was just a very kind and thoughtful gesture.


It made me think about good deeds in general.


Can anyone share a positive experience or good deed you've done or someone has done for a stranger?

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Gave back $1500 of CERB money I had collected mistakenly. When the application asked for my last day of work, I put the last day I actually went to work rather than the last day I was paid for (had three weeks of a payment plan for being laid off). I probably could’ve gotten away with it but I’m such a good f***ing person I gave it back. 

You’re welcome, Canada. 


edit: should clarify that my putting the wrong day on the application was a mistake and was never meant to rip off the feds. 

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Wife and I returned someone's government ID we found out on a walk.


Picked it up with a doggy bag, because, covid.  Then tried to drop off at police station which was of course closed, because, covid. Waited on hold with non emergency number then got hung up on after ten minutes, presumably because, covid.


Finally just took it to their home and returned it as socially distantly and with hand sanitizer as possible.


Being a good samaritan can be hard in a pandemic apparently :lol:

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