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[Report] Canucks to part ways with Judd Bracket

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37 minutes ago, Rush17 said:

Judd only reached his level of exceptionalism because of the structure and belief Jim Benning created and placed in him. I wish him the best and we will do just fine without him. Give it 2 years and this won't seem like big news. Judd was the director of scouting. All of those NCAA recommendations came from the entire scouting staff not just Judd. Best of luck fella. We want to win a cup and I trust Jim's talent evaluation over that of Judd. Jim has a ring and was the one that transformed our scouting department. I have no fears.

Depending on his pull, Judd Bracket may be able to poach some scouts and staff from the Canucks in the near future. 

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1 minute ago, Jimmy McGill said:

no. Jim hates everything Brackett did. Everything. All of it. Cuz Lindens man. Thats why he didn't just fire Judd when Linden left, so he could kick him every day. 



I'm pleased this story has come to an end. Its been dumb. 

How do you know what Jim hates? lol. Like seriously... Jim made him the director of scouting because he liked what he brought to the table. Hate.. such a strong word that should not be used lightly. Did they have disagreements? no doubt.. dislike each other I doubt even that.

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