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[Report] Canucks to part ways with Judd Bracket

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7 hours ago, theo5789 said:

You mean the guy that over-excitedly pointed at EP blowing his cover to trade down wanted a guy that if he really wanted that he could've simply taken since he had the final call and he was still available?


Besides let's ridicule the guy for supposedly wanting the projected BPA at the time and at the same time criticize him for not taking the projected BPA in the Tkachuk-Juolevi year. Nothing contradictory here. If anything this shows that Benning and crew and willing to make bold moves in picking below the projected BPA by these media "experts".

Whoever advised JB for taking Joulevi over Tkachuk can hitch a ride with Bracket and leave town as well.

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As Canuck fans we all know how pathetic the drafting has been for years.

Over the last few years it has been a treat to see so many young guys emerge as decent players for us and I just hope this thrend will continue.


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can't really blame him can you?

i mean he probably read these boards

and saw someeone proposed baertschi as a european scout at 1.6 or something million per year

so i'm sure judd wanted 2 million minimum

 cuz what does sven know about scouting


anyone know of any scout on any nhl team who is even paid half a million ?


not sure what all the excitement is about anyway

he's a scout

who wants to be much more

the nucks organization does not have room for what his hopes are

let's all wish him good luck

maybe he'll find another organization that believes in him as much as he does

and as much as many others on here do

i think he is a fine asset but overhyped

hope he finds the right fit and prospers

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1 hour ago, Crabcakes said:

The Canucks identified a managerial need and promoted Chris Gear to AGM.  Gear is a lawyer and moving forward, contracts are going to be a very important part of front office business.


Benning and Weisbrod were both part of the Bruins scouting staff and when Benning got the GM job, he hired Weisbrod to be his right hand man.  Most GM's have such a person to act as a sounding board and to help with the duties of a demanding position.  This is their background and it is only fitting that they take on a larger role in scouting since they won't be dealing with contracts so much any more.   


When Benning arrived with the Canucks, he reviewed and reorganized the scouting department.  Brackett, a part time scout was identified and brought along as a scout and shortly was promoted to head up the amateur scouting department.  Now, in contract negotiations, Brackett wanted more control over the draft and to take over some of the duties that Benning performs.  


Now, the other point about Benning is that he manages by consensus building.  He always asks for input from other members of his team in order to make better decisions.  He expects contributions from members of his team but final decisions are made by the GM.  That is how most NHL teams operate and better decisions are made than having single decision makers working in silo's.  Brackett wants to go against this and make scouting related decisions on his own.  


Good for Benning for keeping the integrity of the front office intact.

This post makes total sense.


To elaborate, imagine a scenario where JB does give up all of the scouting duties to Judd.


Now, let's say Judd screws up the next few drafts.


The owner comes in and asks why we are getting all these busts in the draft year after year.


"I gave Judd full control over the draft" is not a valid excuse.


It's the GM's job to put the right people in the right places and to listen carefully to your people. But ultimately, it will have to be the GM that makes the final call. That way, if they made a wrong decision, then it's on you so you can accept the consequences, including getting fired for it. You can live with the consequences of each and every decision because you made the final call.  


Giving full autonomy to one member of your staff has the risk of that person isolating himself, cut down communications because he wants all the credit. That's only going to create friction within your management team where each and every person will now do the same and look out for his own best interest rather than working as a team.


I think if Judd wanted full autonomy, then it was the right move to sever ties.


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16 minutes ago, Maddogy said:

There is a clear bias against J.B. Lets concede that every single draft idea from  J.B. is garbage and every single draft idea from Judd Brackett is a home run, isn’t J.B. the one that promoted Judd Brackett into management? So why can’t J.B. pick another good candidate for director of amateur scouting?

And replace the Prospect Whisperer? Can't be done.

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4 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

Don't know man, Ryan Biech may be even a better Prospect Whisperer. 

Total tongue in cheek by the way but, yes, Biech could be an able replacement.

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4 hours ago, Jaimito said:

Thx Judd for your service.


In JB we trust. 










Ya, Brackett looked pretty pleased with the Juolevi pick eh?    Hmmm......


Just wanted to add, these clips support what I said earlier that Benning loves to take a consensus approach.  He's always searching for thoughts and opinions from all of his people before making final decisions.

Edited by Crabcakes
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4 hours ago, Pete M said:

Whoever advised JB for taking Joulevi over Tkachuk can hitch a ride with Bracket and leave town as well.

How dare that advisor not see in the future that their pick would be riddled with injuries after the pick was made.

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