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Ramen vs Cup Noodle

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Top Ramen!  I've been eating it for the last few months, and I am out.  I need to get more.  I love to dress it up vegetables, chicken, and pepper sprinkled on top. And it's really cheap to make, about .25$

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Not a fan of the cup/bowl style noodles, as I always taste the container, whether it’s made of plastic or styrofoam. When I do eat the cup/bowl noodles, I take everything out and prepare them in a pot. Usually add in a bunch of stuff—veggies, sauces, spices, meats, etc—and lately cracking a raw egg in at the end (and letting the soup cook it lightly, and then breaking open that runny yolk) is kinda my thing. And adding hot sauce. Lots of hot sauce, even if it’s already a “spicy” version.

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