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The Jersey Collection Thread

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Share your wonderful jersey collection here! I didn't notice any recent thread about this topic, so let's see how this goes! This includes non-canucks related jerseys as well, if you have any. If you don't have photos of your jerseys you are welcome to talk about your jerseys instead, jersey stories are always welcome. If The Hockey Guy sees this thread, well, let's just say we have all lost. I'll share some more photos of my collection after I get some decent photos, I have many more (maybe too many :lol:) I look forward to seeing yours.


On day #2 of the Canucks training camp in Victoria, I got my Adidas Pettersson jersey signed by Elias himself. On day #2, I got my 50th anniversary jersey signed by various players of the 50th anniversary team. It was really cool meeting all the players.



This is the newest addition to my collection, it's a game-model 2010 Canada Olympic signed Crosby jersey (#1924/2020) It's the jersey I have always wanted, and it's so great to finally have it in my collection. Hanging in the background is my Canada world juniors jersey and a team Canada jacket.



Victoria Salmon Kings collection:



Hartford Whalers collection:



Early 2000's Canucks collection:


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1 hour ago, CanucksCountry said:


2 signed jerseys Luongo (prized possession) and the brodeur flying v 

I have a Brodeur signed jersey too! I love it. Got it when he went to Penticton to couch the alumni game at the prospects camp.

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Do personal jerseys count? I play on and am the VP of our disabled Veteran's team down here in Dallas and we have some pretty sick jerseys. I will just post them with my Nucks joints once I am done with this Zoom for work. Yes, I am posting here while on a video conference on my other monitor lol.  

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Could have been a good alternate third jersey worn ten games a year for the 50th season this past season had the clubs marketing department had some imagination and creativity but I know all you haters will just comment 'too beer league looking"! I was at the draft here in Vancouver and it'd have been cool to have seen the team draft Podkozlin 10th overall and put a Johnny Canuck new third jersey on him in front of the fans in attendance and the millions watching on TV. It'd have sold well as the kids love Johnny Canuck and one sees it on a lot of the teams merchandise so why didn't the team do a jersey in it? So I rest my case! No worse than the Islanders Captain Highliner fish sticks jersey they wore for 2 seasons! Later haters, go ahead and flame away with your comments for or against the jersey. I only come around here every once in a blue moon to read the stuff so whatever.

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