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The Jersey Collection Thread

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I don't really collect jerseys per se, but I do have 2 I need to add to my bucket list for my man cave:

- Authentic signed 1980s Edmonton Oilers - Gretzky

- Authentic signed Bobby Orr


I'm proud that I currently have an authentic signed Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey along with a Bure jersey and the vintage anniversary Canucks skate jersey.

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8 minutes ago, Roberts said:

just picked these up yesterday from a local hockey/sports store! didn't know they sold vintage jerseys. only $139 each, both new with tags!


i’ld love to get a white one but at 82, don’t know if that makes sense. do they ship orders out of town? 

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On 8/3/2020 at 10:57 AM, chuchu said:

Here's mine!  The most special one is probably Ohlund's, my all time favourite Canuck. (Greg Adams a very close 2nd  :)  )  I finally got my Ohlund jersey signed on the day of the Ring of Honour ceremony.  Dream come true!


What is everyone's opinion though on wearing signed jerseys though?  All of mine are signed (except for Nazzy).  Some say it should be framed etc and not worn.  Everytime I wear my Petey or Boes jersey to a game, I always worry that someone behind me will accidentally spill a drink on it or something (yes, it has happened to me before and it's not fun!) :P   And i won't wear if it's going to rain.  And I probably won't ever wear the Ohlund Jersey out anymore, since that one is the most special to me.  Thoughts?


I wear mine....sparingly.  I, too, worry about them getting ruined but I feel that jerseys are there to wear.  Framing, signing them seems to me to be more of an investment and something you'd sell one day.  I'll never part with mine.


I'll take a picture later (after FA)....but I tend to wear jerseys OUT.  My Bieksa one is completely falling apart now I wore it so much.  


I loved Ohlund too...wasn't he something?  

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Front of my most recent (and the 40 year patch/Linden)


I'm "saving" my BB6 and will only wear it to in person games (the Petey jersey too....will alternate, as I used to with the Bieksa/Burrows jerseys).
Miscellaneous (have a signed Geroy jersey somewhere...):



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