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On 6/14/2020 at 9:39 PM, coastal.view said:

ah ok

so you are saying your posting is a byproduct of covid-19

too much time on your hands now ?

cabin fever ?

general boredom in the absence of hockey ?


jeez, i hope you did not contract the virus

and that you now have some sort of cluster set of symptoms

which are somehow connected to your recovery of the virus

that has somehow led to your need of posting online:frantic:


anyway.. just noticed you are active on here

assumed you newly joined

but any support or interest is what this place is for

(though it helps your prestige here if you can be a bit anti leaf too :bigblush:)


Actually BoKnows is doing it right.

If you’re anti-Leaf it infers at least some amount of emotional connection (even if that emotion is negative).

It’s far more dismissive to be totally and entirely indifferent.

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