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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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He gazed at the desolate eyes around him. Some were smiling, some frowning, some merely weary. They were all that held him from his goal, and a rage came upon them. He hated them! He wished to slaughter them all!


...But was it not his fault they were here? Was it not his actions that put them into this land of neither the living nor dead? There was many questions, and he didn't feel like answering any of them. With his previous attachment now cut off, he could embark upon his journey and carry on his original goal. Rather, he could carry on his original goal to find a goal. He could... What was he thinking? He didn't know anything, and that was alright with him. His desire to find the unknown set him on edge, and he began trudging forward with that uncomfortable reality in mind. 


“At the Moor


Wanderer in the black wind; quietly the dry reeds whisper
In the stillness of the moor. In the gray sky
A flock of wild birds follows;
Slanting over gloomy waters.


Turmoil. In decayed hut
The spirit of putrescence flutters with black wings.
Crippled birches in the autumn wind.


Evening in deserted tavern. The way home is scented all around
By the soft gloom of grazing herds;
Apparition of the night; toads plunge from brown waters.”

Georg Trakl


Day 1 Begins! Day 1 ends in 40~ hours at 10:00 a.m. PST, 6/18/20.


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