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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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56 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

Bob is not entirely sure what you mean by this, but both Kurisu and Bob found Qwags' reads list a few rounds ago to be quite bizarre. You may want to go back and take a look to see what you think.

I mean scumQwags doesn't think through whether his reads make sense. He mixes some town consensus reads in with a few off the wall ones as if to see what sticks. No rhyme or reason to them.

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2 hours ago, Zfetch said:

Ngl Kurisu kinda scummy 2


Weak scum hunting imo

I don't really care until MH and DM are dead


They're gonna throw the game with stupid votes if we leave them alive

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17 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

This is pretty much how Bob felt about Qwags' reads at the time FYI.

Well then.


2 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

Okay Bob is warming up to the idea of flushing Qwags today as well. Torn between him and DM though.

I'd prefer Qwags, but I do see the potential for DM to be a 3P role.

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57 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Except maybe I'd prefer MH. He's more blatantly playing into a TWTBW read. At this stage of the game, someone only does that to avoid notice.


Vote Milk and Honey

Unvote vote mr


Whole thing was a test and Mr is most likely scum base on his earlier posts and this one. Mr as town would never say '' except maybe '' 


Guys please please please trust me on this one. I am a fricken tp. I don't even have a role lol it was a buff. 

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