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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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11 hours ago, Zfetch said:

DM doesn't even play mafia he just posts gif wtf

Salty GIF by memecandy


Zfetch is your team turning on you? Now you mad. 


Imma guess that scum be savin me for the easy wagon. I have a lot of fans on here. So if a wagon was needed. all u have to do is say my name and all my fans would rush the stage.



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4 hours ago, Qwags said:

I think flushing DM at this point would be a bad idea. 


3 hours ago, Intoewsables said:


Point made. Look at the wagon that formed on me. 


Now this. You do not want to pull the trigger on my wagon just yet. You have seen the attraction and speed my wagon can produce. I may not get lynched this round. but next round if I am still here...watch and see the splendor that is Smelvin Melvin, I get votes Y'all!. 


ken jeong community GIF by CraveTV

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59 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

I just need DM to call me scum now and my slanker bingo card is complete.

lean wit me GIF by Juice WRLD


You are my ride or die bruh...


Me and you, that makes 2...


You and I , never die...


Can't spell TRUST without US bruh...


You ain't no slanker, tanker, prison guard shanker bruh.



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2 hours ago, milk and honey said:

No you are throwing the game away with bad reads. 


Also this game is very difficult to follow along

Then don't sign up


3 hours ago, Qwags said:

Vote MR. If we're being indecisive, than let's go.


MR has been suspected on and off all game. Time to commit to flushing.

Okay this is the worst post ever


2 hours ago, milk and honey said:

Unvote vote mr


Whole thing was a test and Mr is most likely scum base on his earlier posts and this one. Mr as town would never say '' except maybe '' 


Guys please please please trust me on this one. I am a fricken tp. I don't even have a role lol it was a buff. 


Oh wait this is

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