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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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23 hours ago, DarthMelvin said:

While the game was interesting, it  was not that great. Once it was known to me that it was a unknown flip... I kept my nose clean by playing a safe game. Voting Kuri every round was a play I wanted try. Having a role that was a curse for town was not one I wanted to keep around. Though I didn't really believe the role existed. Kuri remaining alive after nfs was curious. 

After a while players just voted. So the game then became...who would last longest. 

Imo. If you want to try this again. Keep the votes anonymous. But reveal the kills and  lynches. Allow the players to lie or truthfully tell who they voted for. It would be up to the people to decide if they believe them or not.



Oh you were just making a level 3 play. I'm not good enough to understand those yet.

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2 hours ago, SixFootFiveAndJackedAF said:

Nobody uses gifs like Darth Smellvin does.


He's a master at it.


If he stuck to just gif-posting instead of attempting (and failing badly, I might add) to solve the game, he would be a much better player.

You would be much more likeable if you were show your true self instead of trying to live up to the "big truck little dick"  forum tag you opted to go with...


Keep It 100 Big Brother GIF by Big Brother After Dark

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