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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

Oh and if anyone tries to vote for me, I’ll throw a hissy fit about Loui Eriksson’s contract, expose the corruption of this game, get fired, revived, then f*** off with my cronies anyway.

Scum confirmed

Investigate a rape suspect who is innocent irl: "It wasn't me, I had nothing to do with it"

Investigate a rape suspect who is guilty irl: "I was just playing sim league I swear. Was thinking I might some minor moves..."

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Just now, Zfetch said:

It's also clear that BJ has a strong sexual attraction towards me, hence he is attempting to emulate my playstyle last game.
Bold move.

Exactly. Lucky calls me a pervert yet BJ is out here making sickening eyes at Zfetch.


I think Lucky and BJ are teammates.

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

ZFetch my first TP lean and alliance member. Him being wrong and coming after me in R1 is a good sign for his meta.

You might think you can swoon me you stupid bird, and you might just be doing it well, but I still see the cum in your eyes.

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