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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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Welp, had an awesome day!

Thought I was gonna miss my flush but by some stroke of luck, it's been delayed, yay.


I'm town. I've presented my cases and gone at scum. I believe they're powerful and bold, controlling the flow of information and pushing misflushes.


If Kurisu lays a claim that forces you to keep him alive another round in order to prove something, flush his ass immediately. If the maf can force another misflush N4 you're in flush or lose.


If feel like a teenager here - don't trust the powers that be. They only want to control you.


I've accepted my fate. Pull the level. Gg


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Wait wait wait


I have a confession - I lied.

I'm not Aladeen. Qwags early drop just felt so forced and awkward I tried to play an angle, then when Kurisu and Toews stepped in to defend him - sirens!


So, for the record - I'm Kurisu and I talk to 6'5 every day. Blitzer makes fun of my pedo Avatar.


Go tp go

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10 minutes ago, Qwags said:

I don't think LL is scum. Funnygurl had 5 votes, then all of a sudden we switch to LL? 

Yeah but I dont think FG is scum either. I've been getting set up since N1 when the maf killed NIK.

No biggie Qwags, even if you are Aladeen, legendary elite level CDC scum.


Just a game bud

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