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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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20 minutes ago, Zfetch said:

Likewise, yeah Flow is more scummy because of the claim not less scummy. That's very sub optimal claiming for a towny who looks like they've been actively involved in the game.


He's got to be mafia.


Flow, LL are mafia.


I also redact my statement made just like 2 seconds ago about PL being mafia. That's probably a towny response. However he was very eager to jump on me without much reasoning at all

you are literally voting someone we flushed last day phase and also defended someone who just made an incredibly sketchy claim

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Okay let's speculate.


Alive (12)


Milk and Cereal





Darth Smelvin



Professor Linguini

Flow Menaci



Worst case scenario, the scum are all alive still and it's gg within two rounds. If this is the case, we're just doomed.


Best case scenario, EP/Lucky contains two scum (medium case: one scum). If Kurisu is unkillable as he says, the scum will move on to other towncore players e.g. Linguine, SS, etc.


If we assume the Maf hit true every night, we're looking at up to five rounds before we'd lose if we suck that badly.



So basically I'd say we need a PoE of 5 players. @everyone which 5 people do we flush to win the game?



Disclaimer: I'm bad at counting.

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