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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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38 minutes ago, falcon45ca said:

In my experience, the thread starts slowing down when Maf numbers start getting lower. 


I think we're looking at 2 out of 4, or 3 out of 5 Maf dead right now based off activity.



FG has totally backed off her posting style and numbers now compared to previously when she was a serious lynch candidate.



My 3 PoE: FM, FG, Qwags. I believe strongly at least 1 of 3

There are so many inactives though. It’s hard to judge where the scum numbers can be. I agree somewhat, the less scum and more tp, the slower the thread becomes. My only concern is that we start misflushing. A decent sign of the remaining scum could be those who hyper post all of a sudden before NF. I think LL was a good example of that. FG and FM do that from time to time and then go quiet for large stretches. 

I feel PL’s frustration too. It’s like every round is a frenzy at the end, but everything that was posted and thought of during the day gets thrown in the trash. There’s no bloody town game plan. PL and I have identified FG as a decent potential scum player. I also think FM’s erratic and sometimes nonsensical posting leans towards a player acting like town but not doing anything to really scum solve. Kurisu in his PoE was laughable. Unless he’s trying to push elsewhere and deflect from himself. 

We need to have some plan to get a consensus on the likely PoE and then work that plan. If people can defend themselves and make a case why they’re not a likely scum candidate then we can definitely reconsider. 

I will echo PL and ask @Hoggers to stay on top of VC. He’s slanking as host imo. Get your $&!# together. Ask BJ for tips. 

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1 hour ago, Professor Linguine said:

I'm really tempted to just get rid of the people making the thread a circus because they have independently high wolf equity and have higher wolf equity if my theory about mafia intentionally trying to $&!# up the thread is correct

At least that’s some plan to get people to start participating more and maybe forcing scum to get into the daylight. Can’t judge someone if they don’t give us anything to go on. Which is a strategy I guess, but not one the town should reward. 

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MR is correct that we have to have some anchors to go off and we need some reads where we're like "I'm sure of this person's alignment and I'm willing to bet the game on it", else we'll never get anywhere. so here are the reads I would stake the game on.


scum: lucky & ep40

town: kurisu, NIK, BJ, sharpshooter, blinzer, possibly MR


everyone else is up in the air to varying degrees, but I'm going to proceed on the hard assumption that these people are what I read them as, and if I'm wrong, or one of my townreads is a deepwolf, then whatever, I wasn't going to win this game anyway.


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8 hours ago, Zfetch said:

Kurisu quite suspect as well. This mans knows I had a midterm on Monday and was working on the ZHM simulator all weekend instead of studying so my activity level was perfectly explainable. Now that I habe a bit of downtime I'm back but strange that Kurisu would draw a stupid conclusion from his angle

like how are you still here? why are you still entertaining this

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3 minutes ago, Funnygurl555 said:

y'all realize from that eod that ll and i being wolf partners is a world that doesn't exist right

ok and second i rly wanna see a vc so i know where my vote's going

rn i'd prefer to see zfetch flushed


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