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Are the next 2 seasons throw aways? (Discussion)

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9 hours ago, coastal.view said:

i do not understand your logic about this

every team is equally effected

the nucks are not more effected then anyone else

players must fit into the new financial regime and they will (it is a closed box financial enterprise - they have no where else to go)

this is an equal playing field for all

we just do not presently know the parameters of it


we cannot make specific assessments of the contract values of players we need to sign

teams with more players to re-sign may actually be in a better position then others

if the new market contract values are lower

not sure what the 10% not available comment comes from or means ? confusing to me

seems to suggest that nucks have 10% less then other teams?  that will not be the case

LE - McEwen plus Luongo cap - maybe I should have been more specific (= about 10% of the cap).    Sure some teams also have some duds on the roster too, but add Sutter (he’s fine when he plays), Bear etc we are in a pickle right now if we want to maximize our cap space before these things (contracts) run out.  


Which is why on paper at least right now could be our best opportunity for the next year or two... 


Wasn’t talking about Covid or if fans will be allowed back in, revenue sharing - of course every team is in the same spot on that front.   Without the cap recapture and LE and Bear that’s a marquee player or TT,  and everyone re-upped  and some money saved for raises next year right?  Does it make sense now?

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10 hours ago, Silky mitts said:

We need him to pan out because of our cap crunch .. Toffoli and Marky are the ones we should sign imo, which means bye bye Tanev. Rathbone the way he is trending will be a solid addition to our top 4 d corps and can really help alleviate some cap concerns coming in on an ELC. I think he is probably a year and a half away maybe two however, though it seems NCAA d usually adjust quicker to the bigs. 

Rathbone has yet to play a pro game.  We can't count on him filling a top 4 spot next year.  To my knowledge, he hasn't even decided to turn pro.


The thing is, leagues that rely on the gate for revenue like the AHL may not even play next year.  This is where Rathbone would likely be playing.  I have no idea what the plans are for college hockey in the fall.  Does college hockey depend on fans in the stands?  It could be a lost year for development for many players and if there is going to be no hockey, why wouldn't he finish his degree?

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I wouldn't sign any of the three guys for more than 3 years.


I think TT could be a very risky signing.

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30 minutes ago, buddhahoodlum said:

I wonder if Benning can or would use Covid as a reason to ask the NHL to rescind the Luongo recapture penalty?

What does one have to do with the other? There’s no way the league will rescind it at this point 

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10 hours ago, qwijibo said:

What does one have to do with the other? There’s no way the league will rescind it at this point 

Idk, financial hardship?

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1 hour ago, buddhahoodlum said:

Idk, financial hardship?

Lol. Well considering the penalty is essentially a reduction of available cap space rather than an actual fiscal penalty I doubt that argument will get you far.   

also. You can’t argue the penalty isn’t fair in a stagnant cap environment. The rebuttal would be the Canucks enjoyed the benefits of Loungo’s artificial low cap hit when the cap ceiling was less than $60m.  (Opposed you the current cap ceiling of $81m) 


The penalty isn’t going away. Accept it and focus on other things 


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On 6/17/2020 at 8:03 PM, Silky mitts said:

Don't even speak such evils

Its not out of the question. Maybe he wants to sign with Boston or a team near the East Coast so he can be with his family. Or a team that has a eastern time zone. 

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My guess is that the Canucks will have the following priority in order:


1) Markstrom

2) Toffoli

3) Tanev 

4) Virtanen

5) Stecher

6) Leivo


I think Benning will do whatever he can to sign Markstrom and Toffoli.   Tanev might be given a low ball offer a la Hamhuis and this *might* prompt Tanev to sign elsewhere a la Hamhuis style.   The Canucks would then use Tryamkin to replace Tanev as the 2nd pairing defensive conscience for Hughes.    

I don’t see Stecher lasting beyond this season to be honest.   I see him going the way of Ben Hutton (ie not being qualified).    The Canucks will see a young cheap Rafferty as being the Stecher replacement.    

I don’t see Leivo coming back either given our depth on RW.

That leaves our RW situation, which is an interesting one in my opinion.   

We have.........






-Kole Lind 


Something will have to give here.   I don’t think Benning will let Toffoli walk since he gave up an arm and a leg to bring him in.    Given Toffoli’s age, he could be had at a decent AAV for a reasonably lengthy time.   

That leaves Boeser, Virtanen, and Podkolzin for that 2nd line RW spot.   This is a big IF on my part, but I’ll go ahead and say it:   IF Pod is NHL ready and looks like he’ll be a superstar, I can definitely see Benning using Brock to recoup the first that he lost in the Miller deal, along with getting a good prospect to recoup the loss of Madden......all the while reducing cap space.


If Podkzolin still needs more time to develop however, then I think Benning will keep Brock around and will look at options for moving Virtanen (while replacing JV with the younger and cheaper Kole Lind).   

Next season?














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