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Karens gone wild

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On 6/19/2020 at 6:35 AM, DonaldBrashear said:

I think the term Karen is pretty juvenile and stereotypical. I would hate to be a white woman with the name Karen, yet I am sure there are many lovely Karen's out there. So many other ways to go but it seems like society needs a #hashtag for everything. Muddles the point and makes me not care. Sort of the same with #boomers. Why insult people? #blacklivesmatter makes way more sense... RAISE your people up, instead of insulting other people and dragging others down. Using slurs like "Karen" and "Boomer" will do nothing for your cause and will actually further empower those you are insulting and give them motivation to vote for Trump in November just out of spite.



Oh oh Karen transforming

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