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ZHM - 3v3 Sim!


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The following players have grown from the start of season until now:


APU - Huberdeau +2SHT

APU - Neal +1SHT, +2LCK

BAN - Niemi +1OVR

BHT - Desharnais +1SKT, +1SHT

BJ - Smith +2SHT

CHI - Stempniak +6SHT

DC - Conacher +2SHT

INA - Seguin +1OVR

INV - Backstrom +1SHT, +2LCK

NPH - Bogosian +1SKT, +1SHT

SPD - Couturier +4SHT

SUB - Couture +2SHT

SUB - Markstrom +2OVR


TRU - Palmeri +1SKT, +2SHT

VAN - Benn +1OVR

VAN - Zibanejad +1OVR


each player loses 1 growth point to have spurted their respective amounts

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Midseason ZHM Guide:


  • Placing a forward in the defense position will have next to no impact on your team's strength
  • Your goalie playing above or below their overall is an indication of a hot or cold streak. Ex: Niemi is currently hotter than Quick, but this will likely change as the season goes on.
  • The difference between an 82 shooter and a 90 shooter is much less significant than that between an 82 skater and 90 skater. I will look to scale back ratings in the offseason to reflect shooting disparity a bit better.
  • There IS a distinct difference between 1st and 2nd lines. The 1st 3v3 line will likely outscore the 2nd 3v3 line.

Midseason ZHM News:

  • Every team will have TWO draft picks per year. For the first year and perhaps beyond, these will be non-tradeable UNTIL the draft. You guys have enough assets to play around with right now.
  • Draft lottery odds will be as follows for the 8 teams that miss:
    • 28 - last place

      24 - 2nd last

      18 - 3rd last

      12 - 4th last

      8 - 5th last

      5 - 6th last

      3 - 7th last

      2 - 8th last

    • Teams will be drawn for top 2 spots using these odds. #1 will be drawn first, followed by #2 using the same weights (without the winner)

  • Draft Prospect Nathan MacKinnon is expected to go first overall. He is speedy and likely ready to play in the NHL next year.

  • Draft Sheet will likely be completed by Thursday night.

  • Tiebreaker if regular season points are tied is Goal Differential. If that doesn't solve it, a best of 5 will.

  • Might do a Christmas week if you guys like extra flavour:



    game does not count

    personally think its pree ugly but you guys are my motivation for !sim and your guys input will help improve ZHM over time!

See ya guys with a fresh new sim set tomorrow! Might even sim early if no one makes line changes :P


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2013 ZHM Draft: It's A Woozy




With the help of Kaz and some of my own creative prospecting, this above is the 2013 ZHM Draft Class.


  • Top 8 prospects are revealed, rest are hidden
  • Kaz is not aware of any of the ratings beyond what everyone else knows
  • Each team will have 20 draft scouts to use. PM me on Discord or CDC, or if you really want, out in the open here and I will PM you.
  • You may send draft scouts starting now and will receive them immediately.
  • Prospect ratings may appear lower than you would think, but this is already adjusted for the rerates coming this off-season to make ZHM even better.
  • Some epic nations in this draft: Tuvalu, Argentina, Zambia, South Sudan, Japan
  • To reiterate, growth is rated from 1-14. The higher the number the more a player will grow over their careers.
  • The Strength column is near 100% accurate. If it says a player's strength is luck or speed, this is their best attribute.
  • Accuracy is rated from High-Low and Accuracy. High accuracy is nearly perfectly accurate, Medium Accuracy is somewhat accurate, Low accuracy is not accurate
  • Potential is solely based on growth. There is a player in this draft whose stats are (SKT:1, SHT:2, LCK:12) with 14 growth. If this player's accuracy was high, their potential would be listed as high. So Potential does not tell you where a player is currently at. Only scouts will.
  • The sharing of draft scouts information is not banned yet so make it of as you will.
  • Yeah I went a little overboard with the amount of prospects...I was excited.
  • The best player in this draft isn't even in the top 8...go get errr!

sims tomorrow ;)


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